“当学院的学生测试他们潜在的限制,他们没有这样做的好处外设,浅表成功。他们这样做是因为他们 需要 对,因为他们知道工作有关的事项有多深。他们正在改变艺术的制作,我们的观众,在经历它转化。”

-Jason patera

从摘录 kettentanz (1971年)

Music by Johann Strauss, Sr & Johann Mayer Costumes on loan from NYCDP

舞者特色:布里利boersma,SELINA costabile,阿莉莎·克劳利,jaylin denwood,朱莉娅拟音,莉莲yokom,杰克逊布拉德福德,以赛亚日,あ弗雷泽,科林·海诺,亚丁赫斯特,扎卡里jeppsen

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Visual 艺术 Video Presentations

The way I draw is almost always based in observation, but within that, I work as a whole more abstract. This drawing is what is visible outside the window as well as the window itself. I focused on the effect that light has on what can be seen, and how opaque or transparent the window pane is at different times of day. Lighting inside causes glares on the glass, while the natural lighting outside affects how well detail can be seen causing interior and exterior space to overlap. The drawing became a collage of views from different observational points and perspectives.
— CJ Murphy, Visual 艺术 '21

Prelude in G minor, Op. 23, No. 5

Music by Sergei Rachmaninoff

Performed by Adam Chlebek

A play by Simon Stephens based on the novel by the same name by Mark Haddon

Actors featured: Gabe Delli, Avery Ferguson, Jacob Flores, Piper Kilman, Mark Cristofanilli, Olivia Leger, Grania McKirdie, Claudia Mead, Natalee Hapaniewski, Ella Henning-Sepkoski, Nick Spallone, Gabbie Cannon, Mia Nadborne, Lila Napientek, Elena Quandt, Sigi Shure, and Jacob Smith

Media 艺术: Homage

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Featured Songs: “Night and Day”, “Begin the Beguine”, and “I Get a Kick Out of You”, arranged by Patricia Rusk

Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter

Actors featured: Emerson Hart, Leo Ritterhoff, Grey Sercl, and Simone Sowell

The Academy Jazz Quartet

Music by Robert Glasper

Musicians featured: Adam Chlebek (piano), Joseph Dockery (guitar),
Declan Beyer (drums), Matthew Jazwinski (bass)

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Mayor Emanuel Proclaims February 9

“Randy Duncan Day"

Randy Duncan Proclamation.png
To my family, the parents, current students, alumni, administration, Jason Patera, and to all those who continue to buy into a little boy’s dream of becoming a professional dance artist and maker of dance, I thank you for this most distinguished honor. I am humbled by this award. It is truly a blessing to be able to do what I love every single day.”
— Randy Duncan

Choreography by Randy Duncan
Costumes by Jeff Hancock
Lighting Design by Margaret Nelson
Rehearsal Direction by Jonathan Alsberry
Special Dance Coaching by Harriet Ross

Music composed and arranged by Ira Antelis
Produced by Ira Antelis and Rick Fritz
Original Lyrics Inspired by Ben E. King
Mixed and Engineered by Rick Fritz

Poem performed and written by Dominic Pettis

Dancers featured: Briley Boersma, Jackson Bradford, Mary Campbell, Selina Costabile, Alyssa Crowley, Isaiah Day, Jaylin Denwood, Kyia Dickerson, Lucia Faust, Julia Foley, Amari Frazier, Dyani Gandarilla, Colin Heino, Aden Hurst, Zachary Jeppsen, Isabella Sivercase, Lillian Yokom

","url":"//vimeo.com/325056415","width":640,"height":360,"providerName":"Vimeo","thumbnailUrl":"//i.vimeocdn.com/video/768671172_640.jpg","resolvedBy":"vimeo"}" data-block-type="32" id="block-f1d243f522fb7c7e868f">